Thursday, September 29, 2011

Because planning your wedding takes a REALLY LONG time...

I decided to devote some posts to the whole coming together of the wedding day process. For any other married ladies out there I'm sure you all understand understand. It's like you plan a wedding for years/months and just like <<<Phoofff>>> The wedding day comes and go & guess what? I barely remembered the whole day! Of course we decided to skip on the videographer, one because most of them are SOOO cheesy... 2 I wanted lighting instead! lol so here are a few snippets of my bridal shower that was planned by my most AMAZE maid of honour & soon to be bride NOV 2012! :)

So my day started out like this... ( I know my sheets look awful but that is what happens when u have a baby and are planning a wedding... lol ) 

 Dress: Rampage ( yes juniors section) lol

 My super fab maid of honor!

Can you guess what was my wedding color? 

The bestest bridesmaids EVER! :D

Me trying to remember what I scanned in for my registry ...

Hubby showed up at the last minute to bring me flowers & of course pick up all the gifts... :)

Finally this is how my day ended .... with the fam at one of our Portuguese festivals we have every year.  Here is a pic of mommy, I and the boo boo

Top by Marciano
Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana

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