Friday, August 23, 2013

It's UPDATE time & Yes I'm a total slacker!

I have been such a slacker with my blog posts! It has been almost 2 years since I last posted anything on this blog!  Wahhhhhhhhhh

There has been so much going and let's be real I have been lazy... REAL LAZY!

My YouTube videos you ask?  I've done a few but I'm not impressed so why should you guys be? lol  I'm interested to see what you guys think. There are so many channels in English... I think I need to show some support to my Brazilians out there, but then again I would love to do it in English because it comes more naturally to me ... is that normal?

Let's do a quick update on what have I been doing that has kept me so busy! haaaaa! You can now call me granite queen as I have regained my tittle as Sales Manager in my family's granite counter-top business. Hey I'm not living the life I've dreamed of but this is company will be mine someday , might as well embrace it. It's not easy sitting behind the desk as a makeup artist with a passion for all things beauty & fashion but I'm an adult so I shall act like one! :) Anyhow, to keep my creativity going I still freelance for weddings on weekends which is a nice break from the all the granite dust and spreadsheets.

On that note I have made the executive decision to blog regularly. It just makes sense! Bare with while this may be all over the place ...

Now, let's overflow this blog with the pictures in random order so you can catch up with the looks lately :)

Hubby & I on my 27th Bday ! Woahhhhh
In the beginning of the spring I decided I needed a change with my hair ;)

Night out with my ladies... Targey sandals, Skirt & Top from Zara 

Family Vacay to Punta Cana... Yep that's my baby who is now 2 1/2 oh my!

Messy Bun is always preferred on those days you haven't washed your hair
My Bff Nathalia... Her Bday :) 
Another one from Vacay! Alice & Olivia Body Suit, Nasty Gal high wasted shorts and Guiseppe Zanotti Sandals

My Little Man 

The Pedras !

Me and my gorgeous cousins at a wedding! I'm wearing a J crew scalloped dress! 

By the pool with the Mr. Acacia Swimear , Vanessa Mooney body chain, Ray Ban Sunnies & Sheila Fajil Hoops 

That's all I got for now... Keep posted! Im going to update you guys on my beauty favorites soon!

Mrs. P

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